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NTUNGOS believes that transportation and distribution should be quick, dependable, and economical for everybody. As a result, we provide a broad spectrum of services, such as taxi rides, food delivery, furniture moving, rental vehicles and trucks, and self-storage facilities. We are dedicated to delivering the best possible customer service, with prompt solutions and open contact to address any issues or problems you may have. As a small startup, we’re committed to establishing a solid reputation for quality and cost, and we’re continuously exploring innovative methods to grow our services and connect even more clients. NTUNGOS has you covered whether you need a ride to the airport, a dinner delivered to your door, or assistance relocating to a new house.

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Our Transportation Services

NTUNGOS offers a variety of fast, reliable, and affordable transportation and delivery services in Maine. We’re here to meet all your needs.

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Reliable, quick, and fast taxi service for all your transportation needs in Maine. Making commuting easy for everyone


Everyday affordable food delivery service right at your doorstep. Power up your cooking with a variety of cuisines to choose from.


Quick and proficient furniture movers to help you relocate. Moving, or furniture transportation made easy for Maine residents.



Affordable rental trucks and cars for easy transportation throughout Maine. Enjoy flexible scheduling with the NTUNGOS team.

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