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Missing Piece ABA Services, provides research based therapy to help increase skills such as daily living skills and communication while also reducing problem behavior. Problem behavior varies from person to person and there Is no behavior too hard for us to help create a plan to make everyday easier for you and your family.

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Our Services

The Community-Support Interventions We Offer

Missing Piece ABA Services offers a range of mental health care support mechanisms for individuals and children. and adults of intellectual disabilities including PTSD, mild, moderate, or severe intellectual disabilities, schizophrenia, major depressive disorder, and down syndrome


Health-Support Initiative We Create

Creating socially-appropriate behaviors & skills…

Missing Piece ABA Services provides community-backed promotion and prevention mental healthcare support. Our experts identify structural, social, and individual mental health determinants and provide early intervention to eliminate risks, develop resilience, and foster a supportive environment for mental health. Our community-backed support mechanism is designed for specific groups, individuals, or whole populations.


Life-Changing Progression

⦁ We provide extensive ABA therapy in the Chicagoland area.
⦁ Through a in home consultation A BCBA will come to your home and will begin observations and assessments to get your child’s treatment plan started, which will address skill programs to help increase areas of need.
Skills we help address are:
⦁ Language development
⦁ Conversation skills
⦁ Following instructions
⦁ Making requests
⦁ Comprehension
⦁ Daily Living Skills – skills that will help overall independence
⦁ Toilet Training
⦁ Toothbrushing
⦁ Cleaning up
⦁ Hygiene
⦁ Dressing
⦁ Transitions
⦁ Leisure Activities
⦁ Social and play skills
⦁ Appropriate play
⦁ self-advocacy
⦁ parallel play and peer relationships
⦁ joint attention
⦁ group responding
⦁ conversation skills
⦁ Functional communication skills
⦁ Helping your child communicate their needs and/or wants
⦁ Parent Training
⦁ Understanding ABA
⦁ Tools and techniques to help with transitions

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