Why Choose Us?

We exist to offer you peace of heart, mind and body. Through our skin care and self-care accessories and items, you will be able to not only look better but also feel better, every single day! Through looking good and taking care of your body and mind, you will eventually have a sense of calmness and serenity while going through our turbulent world – and it wouldn’t bother you one bit.


We offer natural products that are carefully designed after rigorous trial and error to bring you the best possible results.

No Side Effect

Since all our products are made up of natural ingredients, you don’t have to worry about any side effects either.

100% Organic

Our products are 100% organic and free of any chemical ingredients as we strive to provide the most authentic skincare for our customers!

Who We Are?

Peace of heart is here to fulfil all your needs at one place – from head-to-toe body care along with fashion goods! We offer a wide variety of handmade items, customized and designed with love to cater not only your physical care needs but also give you a serene heart. Our teas, balms, anti-aging products, bath salts, crochet and leather items are one-of a-kind, crafted with expertise and quality. At Peace of Heart, we have a large array of products to choose from, so everything suits your special and unique needs. We believe that only when one is settled and peaceful on the inside, as well as feels confident in their skin; is when they can truly shine the brightest. In our face-paced culture and era, the rarest thing is peace of heart and it is one thing you cannot purchase with money. With our products however, you achieve the same thing!

Our Products

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