Recognizing together the value of senior living

Residential Care

Our Residential Care Homes provide 24/7 awake
care by trained caregivers.  With no more than 6
residents per home, we offer individualized care
services that integrate medical, psychological, and
social support.

Family Support

While caring for an aging loved one can be a tremendous gift,
we can help family navigate through significant changes and
find meaning and purpose in this time.

The Friendship Home Community Leadership Team

Victoria Johansson | Executive Director​

Vicki is the primary founder of TFHC.  Her vision,
efforts, and energy have been realized in the creation
of an  exceptionally personal and loving home
environment for each resident. 

Vicki has worked to ensure TFHC is wholeheartedly
committed to the practice of hospitality.  The root
meaning of hospitality is the practice of turning
strangers into guests and friends.  The Friendship
Home Community’s mission is to make our homes a
loving community.

Mark Johansson, PhD

Dr. Johansson has extensive experience in the
counseling field.  He has consulted to Health Care
executives for over 20 years and serves as a strategic
advisor to TFHC on resident well being and staff

Dr. Johansson is President of CareProfiler, a Organization Psychology Consulting firm that works exclusively with Health, Human and Community Service Organizations.

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