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Family Tree Care Services is here to help you to get the job done. We have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to safely take on any size project.

Tree trimming & Pruning

Pruning is to maximize long term tree health, safety, & appearance. Recommended for all trees. Incorporates dead wood removal, thinning and structure pruning allowing air circulation to promote healthier growth.

Tree & Stump Removal

Our ISA certified Arborist can you decide whether or not a tree should be removed. We have the skills & equipment to safely remove all size of trees in any location. When to consider

  • Dead or decline
  • Hazardous
  • New construction

Cabling & Bracing

Tree cabling & bracing is the installation of flexible stranded cables & braces in trees. This helps prevent weak limbs from breaking apart & to keeps its form of structure.


This technique is called selective pruning. The idea is to remove dead branches. Removing forks & large competing side branches in order to improve the quality of the tree, & can be shaved to create a smooth geometric shape.

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Tree trimming

Pruning is used to remove unnecessary branches. Trimming, on the other hand, promotes healthy growth.


Shaping is the process of removing forks and large competing side branches in order to improve the quality of broadleaf trees resulting in long straight lengths of timber for sale to high value markets.


Thinning is a delicate process that removes small diameter (usually 1-3 inch) branches.


Tree pruning is the removal of unwanted branches from a tree either for reducing risk and inconvenience to the public, maintaining or improving tree health and structure, or improving the appearance of trees.

crown reduction

A crown reduction is a pruning technique that removes weight from the end of branches back to a healthy, growing lateral branch, which will form a new crown.

mistletoe removal

The most effective way to control mistletoe and prevent its spread is to prune out infested branches as soon as possible

Mistletoe derive their water and nutrients from their Host they can also harm trees. Mistletoe infection can weaken the trees ability to fight off other parasites. Mistletoe is always recommended to be removed and give proper treatment.

Tree removal

Tree removal means either 1) complete removal, such as cutting a tree to the ground; or 2) taking any action that would lead to the death of a tree or cause permanent damage that may compromise tree health and stability.

Lot Clearing

Lot clearing is a common solution for properties undergoing a transformation. The process consists of clearing trees and shrubs from a plot of land to make way for new construction, renovations, or a lawn expansion.

tree planting

Tree planting is a technique whereby tree seedlings are transplanted over a variety of different purposes (such as forestry, land reclamation or landscape restoration).


Trees and shrubs are living investments that grow in value with each passing year. When properly selected and planted, trees and shrubs can be expected to thrive with the right care, which may include watering, fertilizing and pruning.

cabling & bracing

Tree cabling and bracing is the installation of flexible steel strand cables and braces in trees.


You never half to worry about taking a trip to the landfill again. We can take care of that  for you Please Inquire                

Yard clean up

The first and foremost task as part of spring yard clean up is to remove refuse, including dead leaves, twigs, and litter from the yard and planting beds.

free wood chips

Woodchips are small- to medium-sized pieces of wood formed by cutting or chipping larger pieces of wood such as trees, branches, logging residues, stumps, roots, and wood waste

stump grinding

We have stump grinder of multiple sizes which will allow us to perform work in most location. Stump are typically grounded 6-8 below surface. We are not responsible for underground Irrigation.