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AML Compliance Centre wants to make your business reputable and professional in a market by helping them in following regulations and laws.


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AML Compliance is an organization that provides facilities for the development, compliance and audit services that are quite independent.
Though AML Compliance wants to make businesses flourish in a legal way specifically for all the businesses that are monetary based along with these coin dealers, jewellers, and metal dealers. However, we have a core in industries specifically vertical and mechanize the overall procedure in real-time in order to prevent fines and any kind of prison by having compliance with our customers.
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Dynamic Issue Intake

AML Compliance provides services to look over the issue immediately and take immediate action in the form of an efficient intake process to save real-time as well as overloading of the items.

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Case Management

In order to protect businesses from any unpredictable uncertainties or risks AML Compliance protects the autonomy and wellness of its customers by facilitating them advocate assessment, management of resources, and facilitate services regarding planning the whole.

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Screening & Monitoring

We help in screening the risks or the issues that can affect our customers in any way and monitor all kinds of business transactions whether they are following the procedure or not in order to prevent any fines.

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Disclosures & Investigations

AML Compliance offers independent and translucent investigation services regarding transactions along with disclosures. Yet, we also offer audit services that are purely independent.

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Engagement & Training

We also provide programs that help the employees involve in practices that are legally right so that effective output will be achieved for businesses. Though we provide training for the employees that actually involves education about the practices that they must do in order to maintain the brand name.


We help in growing your business professionally by providing legal assistance, automation of forms, consultation, and audit services.

What Is Your Role?


Compliance Officer

Having an officer that ensures all the corporate processes comply with legal regulations.

Human Resources Manager

A manager that motivates employees to work under the roof of government laws.

Legal/Governance Counsel

Having a council that deals with the legal issues within an organization with management and employees.

Our Services

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AML Compliance helps its customers in assisting in the compliance of anti-money laundering services and to know your customer compliance.

At Professional Holding Services, we are on a quest to justify the faith our customers have put in us every day.

For us, our customers are a core asset and of which, AML Compliance aims to provide the best services to our customers.
. Further, the key motivation of AML Compliance to work efficiently and to assist its customers in their professional growth by compliance with legal regulations is getting the loyalty of its customers. Yet, keeping the faith of our customers alive AML Compliance provides its best that is beneficial for its customers in every way.

Our Services



AML Compliance considers its customers as a valuable asset and hence cares for them by offering them multiple services that can help them in saving their extra money as well as time.

A Compliance Partner

With Real People (70)

We are an organization that wants its customers to grow competently but this rapid growth sometimes makes the customers forget about the laws designed by the government.
Although the US government is highly strict and punctual with the rules and regulations, thus we are here to assist our customers and to save them from prisons and extra fines. Subsequently, the government imposes civil or criminal charges against any unlawful transaction hence AML Compliance assists its customers by providing legal assistance and complying with anti-money laundering services.

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