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Our Services


Digital Concrete Scanning

With the use of state-of-the-art equipment, all of your digital scanning requirements will be met. Our technicians will provide you with in-depth knowledge as well as help you find whatever it is that you’re looking for – conduits, rebar, thickness of slabs, voids, post tension cables, radiant heating or anything else hidden/embedded in walls or slabs.

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Core Drill

Our core drilling services provide our customers with the experience and tools to offer simple cores for a single conduit/pipe or large diameter and deep holes for more complex needs. Be it HVAC ducts, sprinklers, fiber optics, utilities, communications lines or any other need. We have both the professionals and the equipment for it. So why fret when you can just click below and get the job done.

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Flat Saw

We offer concrete and asphalt flat sawing services that guarantee clean and efficient cuts. We can cut different depths and thickness. Our equipment, experience and techniques will provide you with proper results. Save yourself the frustration and aggravation of this work – just hit up the concrete cutting professionals for any of your needs!

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Bobcat Demo

We provide Bobcat demolition services for any concrete or asphalt structures that require removal.

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Insurance for all your projects

Our insurance policies come with general liability and commercial auto liability. It guarantees worker compensation as well as a public works permit, so you can not only trust us but have no worry at all while your requirements are fulfilled. The entire work experience is structured to bring you both an ease of mind alongside ease of work so you remain satisfied throughout. Our insurance policy is also bonded, so any required legal affairs can also be easily attended to – at your own discretion! "We also have in place per project aggregate insurance policy if requested."

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